How We Do Things at Swanky New Englander

Alright, let's walk you through how we make magic happen with our candles at Swanky New Englander. It's all about that perfect blend of science and passion!

Sniff Test:
First things first, we dive into the scent testing phase. Picture us with a bunch of scents, sniffing away to make sure each one vibes with what we're aiming for with the candle.

Candle Crafting:
Once we've got our scents sorted, it's time to get down to making those candles. We pick the right wicks and nail down the exact ratio of wax to fragrance oil. It's all about getting that sweet spot for a perfect burn and scent spread.

Lab Time:
We head into our candle lab, where the real magic happens. We whip up three prototypes, each with different wick sizes, all poured lovingly by hand into their jars. We're all about that hands-on touch!

Chill Time:
After pouring, our candles take a breather and sit to cure. This is when the wax and fragrance mingle and get cozy, making sure the scent is just right. We've got to be patient here, good things take time.

Burn Baby, Burn:
Once they're cured, it's time for the big test. We light up our initial candles and see how they perform. We're looking for the right wick size and how well that scent fills the room. It's all about that cozy atmosphere.

Choosing The One:
Based on how they burn, throw their scent, and heat things up (safely, of course), we pick the winner. This is the candle that's got all the right moves and gets the green light for production.

So, that's how we roll at Swanky New Englander. It's not just about making candles; it's about creating moments and setting the mood just right. Come experience the magic with us!